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As Bacon said, some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested. As far as the classics I have been reading lately, the one that I think is most worth chewing and digesting is Jane Eyre.

The story centers on a woman named Jane Eyre. Jane was a poor orphan with an unpleasant life in her childhood, but her intelligence distinguished herself at Thornfield, where she worked as a governess. Her true love with Edward Rochester made her bravely reject other people’s proposal even after being deceived by Rochester. Finally Jane came back to Rochester who was disabled. What a powerful and independent woman she is!

After understanding the story in depth, readers will become more aware of the infinite possibilities of women. Feminism is a word that attracts women in all ages. In my opinion, women will be respected if they respect themselves. They should have the courage to depend on their own power. Only the power from their deep heart can really make women beautiful and confident.


A Lecture about How to Become a Good Writer

On June 2, Professor Wang, a famous scholar, gave a successful lecture on how to become a good writer to students in the Lecture Hall which was crowded with feverish students who were eager to have an interaction with Professor Wang throughout the lecture.

Professor Wang started his lecture with a provocative question—what a writer is? Then he described his early life, which contributed a lot to his creations. Finally, combining the personal experience with his profound understanding of the mission of a writer, he concluded his lecture with several suggestions on how to become a good writer.

The lecture inspired sparks and enthusiasm among students who are fascinated with literature. Li Hua, a senior majoring in Chinese Literature, said he felt very excited to see Professor Wang personally and gained much encouragement and inspiration for his future studies.


An Account and Summary of a Career Planning Seminar

Recently I attended a career planning seminar. This seminar mainly discussed the importance of career planning and told us as college students how to plan our careers.

Through this career planning seminar, I realized that it’s essential to have a career plan, because it helps us make effective career decisions and respond timely to new opportunities, and keeps us focused on our career goals. Besides, I also got some essential career planning strategies. I understood that I can set short-term goals and long-term goals for my career, and by achieving those realistic, achievable, time-bound short-terms goals can I realize my long-term dream step by step.

From this career planning seminar, I really gained a lot and began to think about my future and my life seriously.



1. A) A proposed policy allowing Africans to travel in Africa without a visa.

2. C) It will reduce the cost of trade between African countries.

3. D) Pumping carbon dioxide underground to form stone.

4. C) High consumptionof water

5. B) It has been on the decline

6. D) They favor diets lower in calories

7. B) They spend less time eating breakfast.

8. A) After the rush hour.

9. C) One window seat.

10.B) At the far end of the platform.

11.D) Give the ticket to the train guard.

12.C) Nearly all of them closed down decades ago.

13.A) It shows foreign movies exclusively.

14.B) They don't speak foreign languages.

15.D) They have an English translation on the screen.

16.B) She incorporates smartphones into her teaching.

17.C) To help children grow up to be professionals.

18.A) Use books and pens only.

19.D) By helping her brother wash windows.

20.A) She dordered a large number of dolls.

21.B) They took all of them to the children’s hospital.

22. A) The time one starts school.

23. B) To find causes for differences in the participants’ performance.

24. D) High-school students.

25. C) Risk-taking.




文章开头:It's a fantasy that goes back centuries: a message in a bottle...

【答案速查】26-30 ODLCI 31-35 AMHBN

26. O alike

27. D struck

28. L delight

29. C suspect

30. I intense

31. A wore

32. M colorful

33. H mess

34. B wildlife

35. N bore


标题:Hyphenating your last name after marriage?


36-40 HDIAJ 41-45 BEGLF


36. Many people today still find name hyphenation upon marriage unacceptable.

36. H 【定位】If you care about outside opinions on your name, you should know that a large portion of today’s society is annoyed by the hyphenated name.

37. As a compromise, a bride will in most cases adopt a name that combines the couple’s last names.

37. D【定位】Most of the time, though, the most popular compromise is to hyphenate your last name and the last name of your groom.

38. The bride should consider adopting her groom's last name whether he feels strongly about it or not.

38. I【定位】 Whether your future husband insisting on your adopting his last name is a red flag to you or not, it is still something that you should take into consideration.

39. Making preparations for marriage causes a lot of stress.

39. A 【定位】 While being married is great and wonderful, the act of getting married can be quite stressful.

40. Hyphenating the last names could be a win-win solution should arguments arise about what name to adopt upon marriage.
40. J 【定位】One spouse wants a complete name change. The other spouse wants no name change. Hyphenating the two names is a way for each person to, at least a little bit, “win” the argument.

41. It used to be considered socially unacceptable for a bride to retain her maiden name.
41. B 【定位】The act of keeping her own last name was considered taboo and people’s eyebrows would raise right of their faces...

42. The bride who adopts a hyphenated last name after marriage can maintain connections with their past achievements.
42. E【定位】It allows you to stay connected to accomplishments that you achieved before you got married.

43.Hyphenating names allows the bride to preserve her own identity while respecting tradition.
43. G 【定位】At the the time, your name is associated with the identity you’ve built up and hyphenation allows you to respect that while also respecting tradition and your husband’s family’s identity.

44. No matter what name the bride adopts, it is most important that the newly weds truly love each other.
44. L 【定位】At the end of the day, whether you each keep your names, ... what matters is that you love each other and are going to be joining your lives together.

45. Legally speaking, the bride is free to choose whatever name she prefers.
45. F 【定位】While tradition is one thing, there isn’t any logical reason to completely change your name.

Passage One

文章开头:It’s good to be smart……

答案速查:46-50 ABDAC

46. What do we learn from the passage about the brightest people?

A) They can make silly mistakes in straightforward situations.

47. What accounts for the existence of intelligent people’s logical blind spots?

B) Too much faith in their ability to think.

48. How do smart people react when they are found to be wrong?

D) They may get offended.

49. What may happen to smart people who find it difficult to accept suggestions?

A) They may suffer in their professional and private life.

50. What is said about those working with or under overachieving people?

C) They are under increasing pressure.

Passage Two

文章开头:Of the endless troubles that come with being...

答案速查:51-55 DADCB

51.Why is the U.S. State Department launching an online learning program for refugees?

D)To help them to meet new employment standards.

52. What do we know about “Coursera for Refugees”?
A) It provides refugees with a wide range of courses free of charge.

53. What does the passage say is a consequence of the global migrant crisis?
D) Refugees find it more difficult to get a job.

54. What does the author say causes refugees’ difficulty in taking online courses?
C) Lack of language skills.

55. What did the joint study find about the MOOCs several years ago?
B) They benefited most of the learners.




In recent years, more and more young people are fond of various forms of self-guided travel. Many travelers choose to travel on foot or by bicycle. They design the routes by themselves and bring their own tents, cookers and other necessities. During their travels, they often find some new and beautiful scenic spots, but sometimes they encounter unexpected difficulties or contingencies/emergencies. Self-guided travelers can not only embrace the nature and enjoy beautiful scenery during their travels, but also strengthen their courage to overcome difficulties and their ability to survive in the wild.



In recent years, more and more city residents are attracted by the rural landscape and they travel to the countryside during the holidays. They stay in farmers' houses and taste farm food with local flavor. Some tourists also participate in activities such as picking melons and fruits so as to experience the joy of harvest. Rural tourism can effectively help tourists relieve pressure, relax, improve physical and mental health. In fact, this kind of tourism can not only benefit urban tourists, but also increase farmers' income and promote rural economic development.



With the improvement of living standards, more and more people begin to join the ranks of self-driving tour. Travelers can either drive their own cars or borrow or rent a car. The driver may be the car owner or a traveler in company. Different from the traditional group tour, self-driving tour can better meet the individual needs of tourists and make them better enjoy the process of travel. Road trips are especially popular among young travelers. Young people pursue an independent and free life, and road trips just meet their needs.